Excessive packaging of cosmetics needs to be cooled

Over the past few years, the excessive packaging of commodities has been very serious. The products include cigarettes, wine, tea, cosmetics, packaging and other commodities. Many products packaging materials used in plastic, metal, wood, silk, paper packaging, superimposed layers, so the waste material, and the impact on the environment is not good.

Although now exquisite product packaging, commodity circulation is more like this. Cosmetics moderate packaging, you can appear exquisite, beautiful, generous, more attractive to consumers. However, some manufacturers have distorted the product packaging. Like tea boxes and less than 500 grams of the product, the packaging uses wood, leather cases and cartons, which increases the price considerably.

Such a product package is not useful to the product itself. Instead, it creates a lot of garbage and wastes a lot of resources. Most products are used to give gifts, over packaged products will instead become a variety of corrupt personnel props. Endanger people's health.

In the face of excessive packaging in the packaging market, effective measures should be taken. Solving the problem of excessive packing abroad is worth our study. For example, the German circular economy law, the production, management, recycling obligations written into the law inside. The packaging must have green logo, after consumer use, can be covered to prevent green recycling bin professional according to the green flag, and then through the recycling company recycling specialized, cosmetics manufacturers to pay a fee for recycling companies, according to the needs of the packaging of cosmetics sales, production, payment and recovery difficult. So, in order to save production costs, cosmetics packaging enterprises will no longer carry out excessive packaging of cosmetics, not only conducive to resource conservation, but also facilitate waste recycling, environmental protection.


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