Cosmetics packing glass bottle

Cosmetics packaging in the production process needs to be checked for quality, so that the specified value to remain within a reasonable range. After the consumer purchases the product, must carry on the inspection to the packing, judges whether its product packing conforms to the manufacture technical request, whether in the transportation process is damaged.

Consumers can not check the packaging products, which is related to their own interests, and if you need to check the amount of information too much, you can choose the sampling inspection method. However, no matter what method is used, the following procedures should be carried out: 1. Formulate the evaluation standards of packaging technology scope. 2, use trusted tools and methods of inspection. 3, record data. 4, through the results of the inspection, put forward effective suggestions.

The shape of the glass bottle is limited by the type and quantity of products, first determine the shape of the glass bottle, you need to draw the sample pattern, generally choose the front view, side view, top view, mouth position also need to enlarge the picture of a local location.

Dimensions of glass bottles need to be marked on the drawings, giving tolerances, volumes, or capacities. Dimensions and tolerances need to discuss and manufacturers customized machine is limited because producers. Compare common machine on bottle height between 25-300MM, the number of bottles of Pu diameter and machine production, the diameter is generally between 12-150MM.

Because in the making process, it will also be affected by some external factors, so that the shape and size will be different, so it is necessary to give acceptable range of change, size or tolerance. Standard tolerances fit capacity (ML), mass (KG), diameter (MM) and height.


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